Professional, Insured, and Loving
Pet care services for your furry babies

I know all too well the guilt of being too busy with a full life to give that pet you so dearly love the time they so dearly need.
Contact me today and lets customize a visit plan that works best for you and your pet.


Dog Walking

Dogs are social creatures.  It's easy to see by the way they nuzzle us out of bed in the morning, or when they drop a favorite ball at our feet, or when they bounce off the walls with excitement when we come home. They love us so much and just want to be with us all the time! 

My dog walking service can help your pet get through those sometimes long lonely days.  Whether you have a high energy breed that needs a fast romp to release some steam, a playfully destructive puppy that needs to get out and explore, or a senior dog content with a lazy scent filled stroll, I can customize my visit to ensure your pet gets exactly what they need in a safe and loving environment.

20 Minute Walk $20

30 Minute Walk $25

45 Minute Walk $30

60 Minute Walk $35

90 Minute Hike $50

+ $5 each additional dog

+ $5 for weekends/holidays

+ $5 severe inclement weather

Pet Sitting

Dogs are creatures of habit.  When you disrupt a dogs routine and put them through a stressful change of environment they can pick up bad habits.  A dog who otherwise would never make a mess in the house may start doing so.  A dog who eats well at home may be too anxious to do so away.  Kennels can be stressful on your pet and on you!  

Rest easy knowing your pet is at home sleeping where they feel most comfortable.  I will ensure your dog gets 3 walks a day, that their feeding and medication instructions are strictly adhered to, and that they are well cared for and loved.

Enjoy your vacation as your dog enjoys his pampered staycation!

Overnight in Home Care $80

  • daily feedings/medications

  • walks 3 times a day

  • fresh water/treats

  • Photo updates

  • unlimited love & attention!

  • additional homestay duties included

     - collect mail

     - trash removal

     - water plants

     - feed fish

+ $5 each additional pet

Horse Sitting

Horses are Pets too!

For most people horses are not an economical investment.  You're not buying into the potential to win big on race day.  These are your backyard babies.  They live down the street on a farm but you visit them everyday and they rely on you like any other member of the family.  They are just as hard to leave at home when you're away as your dog or cat.  I am here to help make your time away from them stress free.  You can relax knowing they are getting love and care.

$30/hr flat rate

  • Stall Clean

  • Fresh Water

  • AM & PM Grain

  • Hay 3 times a day

  • Turn out/in

  • Grooming

  • Grazing

Pet Chauffer

Transport for your pet

Having a routine appointment for your pet at the groomer or veterinarian does not mean you have to take time out of your busy day.  Ensure your dog keeps on top of their wellness routine with my help.  Or book a trip to the beach to let them stretch their legs.  Whatever the destination I can help you manage your busy schedule by taking your fur baby for a ride.

$30/hr flat rate